About Me

I live and minister from The Dalles, Oregon, with my wife, Jan. We have been married since 2008 and have a combined family of five adult children, five grands from eighteen down to eight, and Princess, The Wesleyan Holiness Dog, our Yorkie-poo who rules the roost.

The Dalles, Oregon

I am an ordained Elder with the National Association of Wesleyan Evangelicals (NAWE), hold a doctorate in Biblical Studies, and am close to completing a second doctorate in Religious Philosophy.

My interests include writing, podcasting, teaching, preaching, art, literature, and music.

What People Say

“Style and methodology will always be a varying thing when God chooses to use human instruments to do His work. One thing that is a constant however between those who call themselves and those whom God has called is the anointing. Those whom God calls have God’s anointing.  Patrick and Janice have that anointing.”

Dan Thomas
The Dalles, OR

“A man with a passion for the things of God, who relentlessly pursues the truth hidden in God’s Word. Partnered with his lovely wife, Jan, who shares his passion, as well as unique and powerful gifts of her own.  A true pastor’s heart describes Patrick Bowman.”

Steve Garrett
The Dalles, OR

“It is rare today to find ministers of the gospel of Christ like Patrick and Jan Bowman, who strive to keep in step with the Holy Spirit in all they do.  I have personally witnessed their uncompromising stand when relating the truths of the Word of God. They do not compromise to please man and have been tested to stand courageously for God’s Truth in Christ unashamedly.  Patrick and Jan are true beacons of light in a dark world.”

Jodiann Whitley  
Portland, OR

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